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For clinic

Multivib for clinic

Low-frequency soundwave stimulation is relaxing and comfortable. Laying on a Multivib mattress or pillow, the client’s whole body is stimulated by sound waves, and given Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT). Just by applying the special sound wave programs, provided in the Multivib App, to their body, through the transducers of the Multivib mattresses (or pillows), they will get the benefits of VAT.

VAT provide both superficial and deep massage, and is stimulating blood circulation, stimulating smooth as well as cross-striped muscle, dissolving muscle cramps and spasms and providing pain relief. It may also lower the body stress level, and VAT has shown benefits used treating psychological problems /-disease. There are also studies and clinical experience showing benefits for patients with neurological disease.

Most session lasts 23 minutes, and the VAT-programs enable you to offer a broader specter of treatments, as well as potential earning increase for your clinic, without much extra physical effort. The Multivib equipments for clinics are for use as a therapy alone, or as an additional stimulation that provides synergistic achievements combined with other therapies.

The Multivib concept will also provide you a unique opportunity of self-care. And, if you like, it can be an extra offer at your clinic to rent out or sell a Duo pillow / Mini mattress to your clients for home-use and follow up between the clinic appointments. This equipment can be placed in a recliner or wheelchair behind their back, or wherever on their body it suits them. All Multivib equipments for home-use come with access to the Multivib app and the five basic programs.



For Home Use 

Multivib for home use 

Multivib equipment is well suited for use in private homes. You can rent or buy the equipment.

The Multivib low-frequency sound wave stimulation has been shown to alleviate various everyday ailments such as sore neck, stiff shoulders, menstrual pain, menopausal problems, lung problems, digestive problems and back pain. The vibrations of the low-frequency sound waves spread in the body will give a good and relaxed feeling, while the vibrations can dissolve tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation, relieve pain and more. There are different audio programs for different ailments.

The Multivib concept can easily be used at home. Some private individuals buy their own mattress. We also have developed pillows and a mini mattress that can be placed in a recliner or wheelchair behind your back, or wherever on your body it suits you. The Multivib concept is easy to use. The audio programs have different color codes and a simple user guide. There is also telephone support.


Welfare technology

Multivib as welfare technology 

The Multivib devices can be helpful to many people mastering everyday life challenges by stimulating their body to release stress and influence body functions. The low-frequency sound wave stimulation can provide better energy, calm, blood flow and pain relief. Challenges become easier and everyday life better.

We see through our own experiences and feedback from others, that several groups may benefit from this stimulation. People who have suffered from stroke or have Parkinson’s, COPD, pain problems and dizziness are some of the groups reporting good experiences, as well as people with foot / leg wounds due to poor circulation at e.g. diabetes.

Avanti day care center in Trondheim municipality is one example of good feedback. They acquired a Multivib Mattress in 2015, which is in use by several groups every day. They especially highlight dementia patients that sleep better at night.

Multivib AS works to enhance relevant research in the field and to conduct new case studies. We seek collaboration with municipalities, nursing homes, students and researchers who have an interest in welfare technology.




” The sound vibrations that spread in my body give me a good and relaxed feeling, and I can feel that my shoulders benefit from this.”


Lise, 44 years

Multivib AS is the manufacturer of Multivib equipment. We sell and rent products to dealers, therapists and private pearsons.

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The Multivib app

Our audio programs are available via the Multivib app. When buying or renting a product, you get a code that gives you access to the basic programs. And an overview of additional programs that can be purchased.

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