Low frequency sound waves – for a better every day life

What is Multivib

Multivib uses low frequency sound waves to soothe the body and help the healing process.


A Multivib device provides Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) through a mattress or cushion with embedded vibration speakers. The soothing healing vibrations is produced when you play the Multivib programs through an amplifier with embedded sound programs, or files downloaded from our Multivib app through the speakers.

VAT is an effective treatment for everyday issues, such as a stiff neck, tense shoulders, frozen shoulder, menstrual pains, COPD and Lower Back Pains.

The audio programs are all based on Olav Skille’s original audio files. These have been developed after trials and experiences for almost 50 years. The basic programs do not contain music, but pure low-frequency sound waves (bass). The sound amplitude varies in loudness in waves (sinusoidal waves).

This method is called Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), and works, among other things, by improving blood circulation and resolving muscle cramps and spasms (both on will-controlled and non-will-controlled muscles). VAT has proven to be able to alleviate various everyday ailments such as sore neck, stiff shoulders, menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms, indigestion, lung problems and back pain.

Low-frequency vibrations are effective at reaching all parts of the body. These vibrations are able to resonate with deep tissue and the body experiences something similar to when we were in the womb. The fetus is enveloped in amniotic fluid or water and the mother’s heartbeat stimulates and massages the whole body.

The vibration created by the low-frequency sound waves spreads throughout the body. All cells is massaged and the body can experience something similar to the condition from the mother’s womb where the fetus is floating in water. Sound waves that spread in the water stimulate and massage the whole body.



“I was waiting in a hospital queue with strong pain, cramps in my hand and also pain up to my neck when I tried Multivib. I felt a good relaxation in the neck and after 7-8 times I was completely fine. Operation was avoided, the problem is completely gone”


Kari 56 years