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Multivib AS is engaged in the development of new products, as well as further development of existing products. We sell and rent equipment and we also need more sellers.

Multivib Basic

200 x 70 x 4 cm.

Mattress with phthalate-free cover and 10 built-in speakers, built-in amplifier and 5 treatment programs on the Multivib app. Your own tablet or smart phone must be connected to the amplifier wirelessly or via cable. Carrying bag included. Therapeutic equipment. Most commonly used in smaller clinics and by private individuals.

Multivib Duo

35 x 14 cm

A soft cushion in imitation leather. It has 2 speakers,  and is very nice behind the back in a chair or placed as needed. Comes with external amplifier and 5 treatment program on the Multivib App. The programs are controlled from your own tablet or smartphone. Duo is vailable in several colors and is also suitable for therapists and as a stimulantion for  multifunctional persons.

Multivib Duo is now also available in a wireless version, with a gray cover. It is also controlled from your own tablet or smartphone via the Multivib app. This is slightly larger, 40 x 16 cm

Multivib Mini

60 x 35 x 4 cm

Pillow / mini mattress

Imitation leather, phthalate-free and disinfectable. Can be used behind the back in a chair or in bed, or under the legs. Comes with external amplifier and 5 programs on the Multivib App to be conected via your tablet or smartphone.
Can also be delivered with a length of 50 cm to fit in a cabin suitcase.



Multivib Plus     

200 x 93 x 4,5 cm
The Plus mattress is designed for the professional user with an imitation leather cover that is phthalate-free and disinfect-able. There are 10 speakers in the Plus mattress also. Can be delivered with narrower width and also with hole for head if desired. Portable disinfectable amplifier has 8 embedded treatment programs that can be adapted to customer needs. Professional equipment designed for healthcare.

Multivib Dent

35 x 14 cm

35 x 14 cm
A soft pillow with 2 speakers. The Plus amplifier with embedded treatment programs, made for persons with dental fear. Phthalate free and disinfec-able.             


Multivib Health

60 x 40 x 4 cm

Med skaitrekk, ftalatfritt og desinfiserbart. Kan brukes bak ryggen i en stol eller i senga, eventuelt under leggene. Forsterkeren har 8 innebygde behandlingsprogram som kan tilpasses kundens behov. Profesjonelt utstyr som er laget for helsevesenet.

Multivib Hand

Pute som holdes i hånden med en høyttaler. Ekstrautstyr for terapeuter. Selges med forsterker og app med samme program som madrassen.

Mål:15 x 5 cm.

Multivib Easy

Mål: 45 x 30 x 12 cm. 

En stivere pute med trådløs tilkobling til innebygget forsterker. Styres fra ditt eget nettbrett eller smart-telefon. Ladbart batteri. Ftalatfritt og desinfiserbart skaitrekk, finnes i flere farger.
Også godt egnet til å lytte til egen musikk når du ikke bruker appen.