Olav Skille – the founder of vibro acoustic

 Olav Skille

Olav Skille is the founder of Multivib, and the one who defined VibroAcoustic Therapy

Olav Skille was born in Trøndelag, Norway 1939, and he now lives in Helsinki, Finland as a pensioner. All rights from Olav Skille’s works belong to Multivib AS in Trondheim.

Olav invented a way of direct transmission of sound frequencies (30 – 120 Hz) through loudspeakers and transducers, transferred directly to the whole human body. By using clean, low-frequency sound waves, he found that many ailments and conditions could be alleviated by using VAT. Olav defined this use of low-frequency sinusoidal sound waves as VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT), which today is known all over the world.

Olav Skille: «We can look at it like this: VAT gives the body an inner massage. Organs in the body that we cannot reach with traditional methods – are accessible via low-frequency vibrations transmitted directly to the body surface. This is possible because sound waves are quickly spread in water (about 70% water in the body) and then will transfer the waves to all parts of the body This is the basic idea of ​​all VAT – VibroAcoustic Therapy. “

Olav Skille has mostly left the development work to us at Multivib AS, but he can still be reached here. This is for feedback on effects the use of the Multivib equipment has given you or others. And for questions that Olav, or we in Multivib AS, can answer.

 “Overall, I feel better. It is rare that I now have to lie down due to pain, and I am able to be more active in my everyday life.”

Girl 28 years